Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Expedition Essentials

These simple beauties were inspired by both the Summer Program that I've been working, which is a safari theme, as well as my little explorer's awareness and eagerness to explore the world around him. I'm sure you have all the materials needed on hand, especially if you're crafty!  

All you need is the center from 1 paper towel roll or 2 toilet paper rolls.  Using a the card board piece from our paper towels, I cut them down to a manageable size for the little hands that would be holding them.

Next, you'll need some type of decorative paper. Jaxson customized his binoculars by choosing the scrapbook paper shown here. Line up your roll, leaving a little extra on both ends so that you'll be able to fold it inside of the circle.

Little dab of hot glue and roll it up tight. Make sure to add a generous amount to seal it closed. 

Snip, snip...

 hot glue and fold!

It's that easy!  Now, glue the two pieces together. Try to glue the seams together in the center so that they won't be seen or come undone. 

Grab your hole puncher and choice of strap... here I used a matching thick piece of wool yarn. 

I can almost guarantee that these will be a hit with your explorer. Especially, if you have a porch or balcony. They will be excited to see things in a whole new light. Take them along with you to the zoo or family walk and see things from their perspective. 

Don't forget every explorer needs their own safari hat. You can print out the template for free here. I increased the size and printed it out on card stock. Cut and glue to a sentence strip (or large construction paper) for an instant hat, which makes any expedition more exciting! (Yes, I am a teacher.) 

Check out how much fun my little explorer had! Sitting still on the balcony had a whole new meaning and yes I could actually sit down and enjoy with view with him!

Don't forget to be adventurous this summer!

~Happy Exploring~

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