Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh Christmas Tee

I won't even begin to apologize for the HUGE amount of time between posts... I know you all know that life happens and time slips away before we even realize it! Thank you for your continued support despite my lack of activity in the blog world.  I would like to quickly introduce our newest addition that has been taking up a bit of our time, but is well worth it...

Jovie Noelle 

(and yes, Crafty Kristy has already been busy making cutesy things for this little bundle. I think she'll be a little more excited to try on headbands than Jaxson has been!)

Moving on: Oh Christmas Tee

This is a quick and easy project that may inspire you... if it does in any way, please share your project with me. I would love to see and post them here! 

Jaxson needed a t-shirt for his "Christmas Around the World" dress up day. As usual, we can't just run into Wal-mart to pick up the supplies we need so it takes a little more patience and ingenuity on my part.  I sent the hubby out for a simple, plain white or red t-shirt. Of course he came back empty handed... again we're in Malaysia so we can't always find exactly what we are looking for.  I hated to use Jaxson's only white shirt, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 

You'll need any plain t-shirt, fabric paint in an easy squirt bottle, freezer paper and scissors. (You may want a little helper as well!) You'll also need an assortment of buttons, sequins or really any fun doodads you can find around your house if you want a "decorated" tree. I also think just a plain green tree on a red background would look nice too. 

Use the freezer paper to measure out a size that will cover your t-shirt. I just folded the paper in half and free handed a the shape I wanted.  Of course if that makes you uncomfortable you can always trace and cut out the shape you want. With freezer paper the possibilities are endless. 

Simply iron on the "stencil" you've created shiny side down on low heat. 
It should instantly adhere to the surface.  

Insert a piece of cardboard inside the shirt before you begin painting. 

 Then go to town! The messier the better. Squeeze the puff paint in a back and forth motion until the area is well covered. 

Your little helper can do this too! 

Add your "decorations" to your tree. 
Ask another adult to help you so you have an extra set of hands to gently and evenly pull the freezer paper off while the paint is still wet.  

Ta-dah! An "Oh Christmas Tree... Christmas Tee" 

Don't forget to add a topper! We opted for a tiny gold bow. Use the paint as glue to hold it on. 

Merry Christmas! 

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