Saturday, January 21, 2012

it is a NEW year!

Is it really January 22, 2012??

Well, it really does seem that every year I get a little bit older, time flies a little bit faster.  Here is what we have been up to in 2012... This is the first year we did not sit down and write out a specific resolution. This year I thought it was more important to have some general goals that I really want to accomplish.  Instead, of one resolution... I chose to focus on 12 in 12...  Here are just a few I'd like to share.

More family time!


Becoming more healthy!

Fresh starts and organized spaces!

Enjoying our city...

Going on adventures...

Taking time to relax...

and more Craft time!

which also includes...
(sneak peak! stay tuned this week for Valentine's Day treats)

more blogging! 

So, yes this year has already started to fly by. However, as you can see we have been busy spending time doing what is important.  We know that this is the year of change... and we know that we will be ready for it!  We are excited about our future and we are excited about 2012!

Happy New Year!  a little bit late I know

love,  Kristy

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  1. YAY! Great goals - This is going to be a wonderful year - I just know it!