Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Debacle

Yes, this is my post about the "debacle on the front door."  If you don't know what I'm talking about then you didn't read my first Valentine's day posts... which, by the way were really cute, inexpensive projects anybody can do!

I have to admit when I put this "thing" up on the front door (and yes it is still there) my husband actually laughed out loud. If you know anything about him, he typically is very encouraging and complementary of my handiwork. However, when I heard him laugh, I had to laugh too because it is NOT what I had pictured in my head.

It is a very sad attempt at a unique V-day wreath...

You will need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • A clear plastic plate (as I later discovered) 

Begin by using your spray adhesive to glue two pieces of scrapbook paper together. 

Once it is dry, cut 2 inch strips.

I ended up making about 20 because I really wasn't sure how many I would need. 

Fold each strip in half.

Fold the ends into the center and pinch together. 

Use your hot glue to hold it in place.

Cute right?!  Just wait to you see the "wreath".... not so cute!

So, at this point I was excited because it was coming together.  Lay out your hearts and glue them together. Silly me realized once I pick up this circle of hearts (made of paper!) it would not hold this shape...

Hence, the plastic plate...

So, with lots of hot glue and red ribbon to hold it all together... Here is the finished product.
Not too bad from this point of view, but I promise straight on... well let's just say this isn't my best stroke of genius.

I did, however, find a great use for the hearts...
cute little place cards perfect for any Valentine's Day dinner party. 

Celebrate your successes and celebrate your failures!

~Happy Debacles~

love,  Kristy

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