Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrap Wrapped Wreath

You know I'm excited about my first tutorial if I am up at 6:30 in the morning! I hope you enjoy this super easy craft. This can be done in any size and would even be a fun craft to do with the kids.

Of course your color combination can be anything you choose, but this is the end product:

Start with any piece of cardboard you have laying around the house; for me this was an empty diaper box. I needed something big enough for the size circles I wanted. Either free hand or trace two circles in different sizes. Go ahead and push a pen (or if you would like to do it the easy way, use a hole punch) through the top of your smaller circle, so you will be able to hang it up. Using scrap book paper, pick your color combination, cutting up strips in varying widths. The length of your strips will depend on the widths of your circles. You want a strip long enough to wrap around the circle, applying hot glue on the backside. Continue alternating your colors and lengths. You can even play with which strip will lay on top of the others.

For me, the more random, the better!

Once you have wrapped both circles with your scrapbook paper (or paper of your choosing), lay the smaller circle on top. Feel for the holes you made at the top of the smaller circle. Insert a pen and mark where the holes will need to be for the larger circle.  I pulled my yarn through first and then hot glued the smaller circle onto the larger circle.

Cut out corresponding paper flowers to add detail and voilà! The perfect wreath for any front door.

~Happy Crafting~


  1. Really cute!

    PS- Love the colors of the blog!!

  2. Super cute! Do you like that cutter thing (sorry not sure what they are called)? And if so, where did you get it?

  3. Thanks! Rondi, it was only $9 at Hobby Lobby last summer. I think they also have 40% off one item coupons in the Sunday paper, which would make it really cheap. I do like it. Sometimes I wish it was bigger, but it works for most projects.

  4. Great job Godbout! I see the Delks trying this one out soon! We have tons of diaper boxes lying around. :)

  5. I am so excited to copy you through the year making awsomeness happen around my house because of you!

  6. i have that paper pack! so fun :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!