Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slip and Slide Headband

Here's what you need:

  • Scrap fabric
  • Old headband
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
If you were ever good at making paper airplanes then this is right up your alley.  Begin with a long strip of scrap fabric. I would give you dimensions but it is going to depend on the size and width of your headband, so experiment as you go.  

Fold the long strip in half and create a crease with an iron.

Fold each edge into the middle and iron in place.

Now fold that in half, so the long rough edges are hidden. Sew the length of each of the edges, back stitching at both ends.

You have now created a "slip cover" for your headband. Slip and slide your headband through the fabric.

Using ribbon or even another piece of scrap fabric, fold around the ends and glue in place so there are no unfinished edges or stray pieces of string showing. 

There you have it... the SLIP AND SLIDE Headband. Of course these along with similar variations will be featured at Chatty Crafty! 


  1. What a great tutorial. Your headband turned out great!!


  2. That looks so easy and uses things most already have on hand. Thanks! I am a new follower from the Sundae Scoop. Vicky @ www.messforless.net

  3. Looks great and easy. Another great project to use up those scraps. Thank u for the inspiration