Sunday, November 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes Part 2

So, I wanted to deliver on two quick tutorials that I know you can use!! If you didn't see Part 1, you can check it out to see some the "Little Man" decorations as well as party ideas.

Tonight's post is just about the tutorials...

Tutorial #1: Easy Peasy Chalkboards!!

You will need:
  • Picture frames or mirrors from your local thrift store (I scored mine for .69 and .99!!)
  • A can of chalkboard spray paint

I removed the glass from the picture frames. I had to tape out the mirror because it was not removable.  I really had no clue if the paint would work on these surfaces, but I'm here to tell you it did!!  I did these on my back porch for quick drying time in the sun. I did about 3 layers and let each layer dry completely before I did the next.  Of course I also sprayed the frames to add some color, but that just took a couple coats of your standard spray paint.  I loved how these turned out. The possibilities are endless for these little beauties!

 The square, "Cookie Bar" chalk board was the mirror... off to the right, another chalk board made from a .69 picture frame informed guests of the two cupcake flavors: Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Icing and an amazing Chai cupcake!! Each cupcake was topped with mustaches made from a candy mold I ordered off of amazon.

 OMG... They were so good! Thank you to my good friend who is a baking goddess.

 Sorry I got sidetracked! I love cupcakes... Here is another "chalkboard." This one welcomed the guests and told them to "Grab a Stache." This is after the party, of course it looks a little messy, but you get the idea.

If you are interested in the second tutorial of the evening... check it out here.

~Happy Spraying~

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