Sunday, August 14, 2011

Button Your Ears!

I stumbled upon the most wonderful bag of buttons yesterday while strolling through Hobby Lobby.  It was actually called, "Grandma's Grab-Bag" and it was like finding tiny treasures with every handful I removed from the bag.

The first tiny treasure I found, confirmed that this bag of buttons was suppose to be mine. 
(The new logo for Pocketful of Poise in literal button form!)

Of course there were so many unique and beautiful buttons, but there was one in particular that I fell in love with.  To top it all off, there were three of this very same button. I knew right away I had to have these buttons as earrings.

I was able to snip off the back where you would typically sew the button onto something. Next, I just used basic jewelry making items, dabs of hot glue and presto!

Now go button your ears!


  1. I am following you now. I saw you at Fostering a creative life. I am also guest posting. Love the yellow on your blog and the lanyards are so creative!!!