Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mrs. G's Busy Bees

I am so excited to get these little "busy bees" up in the hallway. I got these for free at the Teacher Depot towards the end of last school year.  It is an old elementary school full of school supplies and what some people might refer to as old business supply "junk."  Well in all that junk, I found these little beauties. There were probably thousands of them and on first glance I thought, "what the heck can I do with these?"  The lady next to me told me they are made to hold a piece of paper and could be used to display student work in the hallway. Well... six months later I decided a plain white snail wasn't good enough, so here is what I did....

I started with yellow and black acrylic paints since these are made of plastic. I experimented with a few different techniques and settled on painting three yellow stripes first. Once that was dried, I filled in with black.

I added black puff paint for a little more dimension.

The wings are pipe cleaners. Start by folding it in half, take the ends and fold back up to the top. Twist it together at the top and spread out the wings.  Hot glue the netting to the back. Cut around the edges.

Add the wings and googly- eyes and there you go, plain white snail transformed into a busy bee!

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