Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind on the Birthday Festivites

I can hardly believe that a year ago I was very pregnant and counting down the days to my due date!  Jaxson will be one in less than three weeks!! I know you've heard it before, but time really does fly. I think the time flies even faster from birth to 12 months because they change so much on a daily basis.  So, I have A LOT to do in three weeks, but of course I had to start with the invitation. I was able to get some ideas from the wonderful web. I think it turned out really cute! It was my first time designing an invitation using paint. I have a new found admiration for all you graphic designers out there!

Here is how it turned out...

Of course, once we have survived the birthday bash... I will fill you in on all the fun!

~Happy Almost Birthday Jax~

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