Thursday, October 13, 2011

Burn Baby Burn...

       I know I begin each post with the same sad story of apology.  I have to be very honest. I haven't been very inspired lately. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why and I am struggling with posting things that I have seen in various places. I would love to be completely original all the time, but who am I kidding? The great big world wide web, well... there is bound to be something similar out there. So, here is my deal to you readers.  I will cite my creations and give credit where credit is due, which means I will be posting more! Although, you may have seen it somewhere already. Is that okay?  If you are good with that, then I promise to post a lot more often!  Also, next week is my fall break so expect some posts.  And if you are on facebook, give a girl a "like."  Thank you for believing in me and for your patience!

 This is one of the easiest flowers that anyone can create!  I typically dig around in the remnant bins at all the local fabric stores. I can usually score at least one great deal on the type of fabric that will work for this burning technique. A thin chiffon or silk works best.  I have even experimented with linen, which looks pretty, but is a different look.

You can waste time tracing out perfect little circles or you can just free hand varying size circles with your fabric scissors.  I recommend starting with your smallest circle. Layer it onto the fabric, cut a little bit further out so you have a slightly larger circle and continue until you have as many as you want. 

Very carefully burn the edges of each circle.  The longer you hold it there, without it catching on fire, the more the edges will curl in... of course it also depends on the material you are using.

Lay the circles inside of one another. Sew a button of your choice in the center to hold it all together.  Add it to a necklace, headband or pin it on a cardigan.  The possibilities are endless!

Same technique, but a few other creations...

Here is how the linen turned out. I think it looks like a dogwood flower and I love it!

And here is a larger version with nine layers... originally created to be added to a belt for a bridesmaids dress

~Happy Creating~

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  1. Hmmm... playing with fire IS fun. Glad to see new posts!! :)